Student Leadership

We recognise young people as valuable assets to our community, with important insights to share. This belief informs our approach to student leadership. St Dominic’s Priory College Student Leaders play important roles in the success of our college community, offering support and guidance to others, while developing the confidence and qualities of good adult leadership in themselves.


These senior students are pillars of our student community, acting as positive role models and reliable leaders around the college and at special events throughout the year. The school has 12 prefects in total: two Head Prefects, six Year 12 Prefects and four Year 11 Prefects.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Every class elects two Student Representatives who help to create a supportive learning environment for their teachers and classmates. As students get older, these roles become more involved. In Years 5-12, the SRC are responsible for generating enthusiasm and positivity for our college and in their Home Class, while also involving themselves in community outreach events..

House Captains

Each of our four houses has two student Captains from Year 12, and one Primary Captain from Year 6. Their roles are to build strong relationships within their groups, offer encouragement, and guide younger students through the school journey.

Social Justice Leaders

Learning to understand and support the needs of others is an important part of our school values, and our Catholic roots. Our students are integral to this mission, and are led in their efforts by two Social Justice Leaders from Year 12.  

Music Leadership

Musically-minded senior students also have the opportunity to take on the role of Music Leader. Two Year 12 students hold this joint role and are responsible in leading;

  • Choirs
  • String Orchestra
  • Concert Orchestra
  • Senior Vocal Ensemble

Electing our senior leaders

Interested students start by submitting a written application. They then deliver a 1-minute speech to Year 10 and 11 students, explaining their vision for the role. Year 10 and 11 students, along with school staff then vote. Students will also have a conversation with key College staff members to make sure they have an understanding of the role.

Leadership Development Day

This training opportunity is held off-Campus, and is designed to deepen learning experiences for our girls. We hold a number of leadership and networking opportunities throughout the year, with an intentional focus on the impact of women in leadership.

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