Transition – Little Doms

“Was absolutely thrilled when Little Doms was introduced as a transitional program. Such an amazing educational program that allows and welcomes our little ones to experience what Reception and school would be like. The Transition Program has helped my child commence Reception with ease and comfort as she was returning to a familiar school environment, highly recommend to all parents!”

– Thuy, Little Doms parent

Little Doms begins in Term 3 as a transition for students starting Reception the following year. Little Doms currently runs five days a week.

The Little Doms transition program supports the youngest children in our communities – and their families – to get ready for formal school life. The program is based on the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and brings together both formal structured and play-based learning.

A Proven First Step

Research shows that a readiness for school leads to long-term success in both school and work life, along with higher levels of life satisfaction (Centre for Community Child Health [CCCH] and Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, 2007). Little Doms is a great opportunity to set our young students up in this way. The girls can become familiar with many of St Dominic’s Priory College’s excellent learning and play spaces (including the library, gymnasium and Primary Music Room), while learning sports, music acquisition, numeracy awareness, Italian and more.

It’s a learning environment that’s nurturing and respectful, while encouraging safe risk-taking – so that the youngest Dominican minds can take their first steps towards becoming enthusiastic, engaged and empowered learners.

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