Educating Girls

See the Difference

Girls have been thriving in single-sex schools for generations. Many of the brightest, most impactful women of our time were educated in girls’ schools. Our carefully developed curriculum offers a broad learning experience designed to empower young girls.

Our Experience

At St Dominic’s Priory College we have been privileged to support the learning and development of tens of thousands of gifted young women over a century. As a member of the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia, our focus continues to be on identifying and offering new opportunities to our students – both in the classroom and outside of school. Every student at St Dominic’s Priory College has the chance to find her voice, develop her passions and grow as a person – in an environment where it’s not only permitted but encouraged.

Why Choose a Girls’ School?

For her learning

In a single-sex classroom, girls are free to pursue academic excellence on their own terms. Our tailored curriculum supports engagement in a rich Arts program as well as in subject areas like science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) – laying early foundations for the growing prevalence of females working in traditionally male-dominated fields. At St Dominic’s Priory College, every achievement is celebrated and this is reflected in our consistently high results.

For her personal growth

Girls’ schools are ideal environments for young women to navigate the often tricky changes of adolescence. There’s a strong sense of connection at a girls’ school, backed by a culture of listening, supporting and understanding each other. This culture has proven to have a hugely positive influence on students’ social skills and personal development.

For her leadership

Girls at St Dominic’s Priory College are taught to think bigger, aim higher and push further. They are given many opportunities to shine as leaders in formal roles like Student Representative Council (SRC) and in everyday roles in the classroom and throughout the College too. This means our girls graduate feeling comfortable to take their place in the world, equipped with the smarts and skills to lead in their work and the broader community.

For her future

All of this culminates in brighter futures – where women who were educated in girls’ schools go on to do and achieve great things. Along with higher levels of political engagement and a greater interest in careers in traditionally male-dominated fields, girls’ school graduates are usually more engaged with community and social issues too.

From their first day of school, St Dominic’s girls are set up for success. They graduate with the confidence to step out into the world, connect with peers and make a real impact.

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