From my experience, I find St Dominic’s teachers are very approachable and dedicated to their students which I truly admire. They always guide me to opportunities that I would otherwise never have realised. They recommended me to challenge myself and participate in extracurricular activities such as art competitions, science and maths competitions, science forums, debating and public speaking. I have learnt to always further improve myself not only in academic areas but also my qualities and character. Despite not being part of the religion, over the years, I have identified myself as a spiritual Dominican; always speaking love and truth.
St Dominic’s not only provides a strong academic focus but also concentrates on forming girls with self-belief, confidence and building one’s identity. The school is also committed to helping students achieve their full potential by assisting when needed through the inclusive education programmes at the Centre for Learning. I highly recommend St Dominic’s Priory College as the school to educate your girls too, as it’s not only a place for learning and discovering but it’s also a place to call home.
St Dominic’s Priory College provides every student with a wide range of opportunities from subject selection in senior years to extracurricular pursuits to assist every individual to achieve their best. The teachers that I have had have been supportive and go out of their way to help every student, proving their dedication. Other staff members including the Principal, Deputy Principal were equally supportive and warm which made me feel welcomed.
The feeling of being a St Dom’s girl feels like a big family that will always there for you, it feels like a second home. My peers seem to be my sisters, we care for each other and help when needed. This community has helped me settle really well to school on my first day, it feels like home and where I belong.
I appreciate St Dominic’s for having such a multicultural environment, an open community that accepts people like us. I have been here for almost a year now, and I am impressed with how the teachers and students in this school are very friendly, disciplined, and always ready to help. I have found friends of different nationalities as everyone is just so friendly to talk to.

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