Pastoral Care

Education at St Dominic’s Priory College is about far more than academic learning. We’re here to guide our girls through some of the most crucial years of their life, providing a safe and loving environment that supports spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional growth and empowerment.

Our Pastoral Care Program was created with this in mind. It caters to each of our students as individuals – aiming to build confidence and self-esteem in our girls while celebrating their uniqueness.   

For students in Transition to Year 6, their classroom teachers will be their most important adult relationship at school. Daily interaction allows these teachers to recognise changes or any matters of concern. In addition, our Student Counsellor is always on-hand to provide specialised counselling and extra support for any student or family in need.

Wellbeing Program

Wellbeing doesn’t just happen, it’s a daily commitment to self-love that we hope to inspire in our girls from an early age. Our Wellbeing Program is designed to equip students with the tools, practices and resources they need to communicate effectively, make decisions with confidence, manage stress and build resilience. 

The Program:

  • Consists of weekly Pastoral Care lessons
  • Is sequential, building on previous learnings as girls progress
  • Uses common language across all year levels
  • Aims to develop a strong support network for students
  • Is reinforced across all areas of learning
  • Draws on the most up to date research and resources
  • Is designed to give students agency
  • Provides students with opportunities to reflect and evaluate
  • Offers support to parents and guardians
  • Is linked and supported by Growing with Gratitude, Girl Power and Smiling Mind Meditation

Fostering Supportive Relationships

We work hard to foster meaningful relationships between families, teachers and students, including through Parent-Teacher Learning Conversations and school community activities (such as the annual Fete, Gala Day, and school camps).

If you have any concerns about your daughter’s progress or wellbeing, the first person to contact is her classroom teacher. You’re also very welcome to reach out to the Director of the Junior School.

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