Student Leadership

More Opportunities to Shine

Each of our students has something valuable to share, and it’s our role to provide the support they need to explore, develop and lead in the areas they are most interested. We offer our girls many leadership opportunities, starting in Reception and continuing right through to Year 12.

Leadership positions give students the chance to take on increasing responsibility, contribute to their learning environments and build the confidence to lead in roles later in life.   

Student Representative Council (SRC)

Every class elects two Student Representatives who help to create a supportive learning environment for themselves and their classmates. As students get older, these roles become more involved with Years 5-12 being responsible for generating enthusiasm and positivity for our College and in their Home Class, while also involving themselves in community outreach events.

House Captains

Each St Dominic’s girl is a member of one of four ‘houses’ during her time with us – a community that allows a greater level of student connection and support.

Each house has two student Captains from Year 12, and one Primary Captain from Year 6. Their roles are to build strong relationships within their groups, offer encouragement, and guide younger students through the school journey.

Leadership for Beginners

We start fostering leadership skills in our students early, starting with weekly leadership opportunities from Reception through to Year 3. It’s part of making our girls feel involved, empowered and inspired from their very first day at St Dominic’s. 

Climate Care Environmental Leaders

Many of our students have a strong motivation to build and protect natural environments. This is something we nurture in our girls, partly through leadership opportunities that are aimed at climate and environmental care.

Year 6 Leaders

On the cusp of Primary and Middle School, Year 6 is an important year of transition for our girls. Many are starting to hone their individual skills and interests, and are keen to take on more responsibility. We offer a range of opportunities for Year 6 students to step into leadership roles that align with their interests and passions – including:

  • Choir
  • Primary House Captain
  • Athletics
  • Liturgy and Prayer
  • School Tour Guides
  • Social Justice
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