Sports Day 2017:

All you need to know about Sunday

Sunday’s annual Sports Day is a special day of friendly, but strong competition between the four Sports Houses, led by their captains pictured in today’s Bulletin. We wish the captains and their vice captains the best of luck on the day.

For some of you the venue is new.  Even for those who have been to Sacred Heart College oval many times, it will in 2017 look different.  In place of the old grandstand there is a large and impressive new building which houses large basketball stadiums. There is room for all and as many of you know even on a warm day (forecast 32 degrees) the best shade is under the large and shady Moreton Bay Fig trees on the eastern side of the oval. Parents who prefer the western side may like to bring a large golf umbrella for extra shade.

Please read very carefully the list of reminders published in today’s Bulletin as your best guide to remembering what needs to be in place for Sunday:

Also in today’s Bulletin:

  • The Year 4/5s have an AFL Clinic with the Adelaide Crows

  • Swimming Carnival(s) galore !!!

  • Year 11 Spirituality

  • Year 10 Genetics in Science

  • Special Sports Day lift out

Sports Day Notices  

  • There are still several stalls requiring parent volunteers on Sports Day.  Please sign up for jobs if you have not already done so.

  • Your fresh baked goods will be greatly received by the Cake Stall on the morning of Sunday 26th March.  The ingredient slip included in today’s Bulletin will need to be afixed to each item.  Please note that the Cake Stall will be unable to sell cakes with fresh cream

Get the Week 8 Bulletin online here.

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