Pastoral Care

As our girls make their way into Middle School, our ongoing Pastoral Care program focuses on building students’ agency and independence, and promoting their wellbeing – a whole school wellbeing day is held at the start of the year.

The Catholic principles that form the basis of the program aim to boost self-esteem and celebrate the things that make each of our girls unique. Helping students to find their voice and grow emotionally and spiritually is as much a part of their Middle School experience as their intellectual and physical development.

Program Structure

Students have one double lesson per week to engage in relevant, age specific topics, mindfulness and physical activity. In Year 6, the classroom teacher oversees the program. In Years 7-9 a Year Level Coordinator oversees Pastoral Care activities such as guest speakers, outreach initiatives and year level assemblies.

The three main goals of Pastoral Care

  • To help our students develop positive social behaviours like self-discipline, responsibility, good judgement, and the ability to flourish and get along with others. This includes education around digital citizenship.
  • To help our students foster strong, life-long commitments to their families, school, peers and community. We encourage students to establish supportive relationships within their House groups, so that older students can mentor the college’s younger students.
  • To help our students identify strategies to keep themselves safe and healthy – committing to leading fulfilling and drug-free lives.
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