As our girls embark on the transition from Primary to Secondary School, it’s a crucial time for us at the college. To help guide them through this change, we create a structured and supportive environment for them to grow in. At this time, group dynamics, peer interactions and personal growth are especially important for fostering a sense of community and belonging for our girls.

Preparing for Secondary School and Beyond

Learning in Years 7-9 addresses the current and future needs of students as they transition. It’s all underpinned by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority’s (ACARA) General Capabilities and Cross-Curricular Priorities, but is bought to life in a way that sets St Dominic’s apart. Individuality isn’t just recognised here, it’s celebrated. Our programs are flexible enough to support diversity within our students, ensuring every girl has the opportunity to thrive and to have her voice heard.

In the Middle School we prepare students to participate confidently and fully in their communities. We are here to help each girl build the foundations of a healthy and fulfilling life, where she can pursue her own unique passions and interests.

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