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Fete 2019 Roster!

The upcoming Fete meeting is on next Wednesday 4 September at 7:30pm and all of you are welcome.  This dedicated group of parent convenors have been working consistently over the past 3 months.  They do need and appreciate your help!  Each year, parents/guardians are asked to volunteer two hours on this day, by signing up to the Fete roster: https://stdo.ms/Fete19

In this week’s Bulletin, there is a visual graph of stalls especially needing support.  For this community event, the saying holds true; ‘It takes a village to raise a child’.  Your time and generosity are appreciated by our community and, most importantly, your daughter/s.

Also This Week:

  • We look forward to welcoming Year 10 & 11 families to Subject Counselling tomorrow, Thursday 29 August

  • Photos from last Sunday’s Old Scholars’ Association Afternoon High Tea 

  • Book Week and Science Week in review

  • Winter Season sport – final results are in!  Congratulations to all teams on a well-played season.

  • News from the Environment Club

  • Photos from the Year 12 Drama Production of ‘Bumpy Angels’

Get the Week 6 Bulletin online now.

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