Liturgy & Retreats

Liturgical Events

At St Dominic’s Priory College, we celebrate the seasons and feasts of the Church in prayer, reflection song and action. As a Dominican College, St Dominic’s Day and other events significant in the life of the Dominican Order are particularly special.

Liturgy is integrated into student life at the College. Our students play a significant role in the planning and conduct of liturgical celebrations by reading the scriptures, writing and reading the intercessory prayers, preparing and delivering reflections, acting as Eucharistic Ministers and by being involved in liturgical movement, singing, and processions.

Each morning, students are invited to share their individual prayer intentions with their class. Each class is also given the opportunity to prepare and conduct the eucharistic liturgy at regular Friday morning Mass in the College Chapel. Students participate in official college assemblies at the end of each term by reading, composing prayers and other key roles.

Some of the events celebrated include:

Term 1

  • Family Mass (supported by the Parents & Friends)
  • Investiture Mass
  • Holy Week Liturgy

Term 2

  • Liturgy of Reconciliation (followed by opportunity for the First Rite of Reconciliation)
  • Vinnies Mass

Term 3

  • St Dominic’s Day Mass

Term 4

  • End of Year Liturgy


Year 7 to 12 students are given the wonderful opportunity to take stock, reflect, bond and discover during offsite retreat experiences. Each year level focuses on a theme chosen to suit the age of the students and their experiences in the world. Retreats run over a full day, with Year 12s attending an overnight retreat.

Current Retreat themes include:

Year 7Friendships and relationships
Year 8Looking back – looking forward – goals and dreams
Year 9Adolescence – a place in between
Year 10Journeying – deep speak and gratitude
Year 11My Life on a Platter: self, others, community, God
Year 12Dominican Leadership
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