Round 3 Sport CANCELLED

Hot Weather Policy Announcement

In accordance with the S.A. Catholic Secondary School Girls’ Sport Association (SACSSGSA) Hot Weather Policy, all competition scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday 5 March, has been CANCELLED.  The Policy states as follows: 

If the temperature for the forthcoming Saturday is forecast at 38ºC on the Bureau of Meteorology’s website: ( at 8am on Friday, ALL SECONDARY SPORT WILL BE CANCELLED.

For extreme circumstances, where the forecast changes after 8am on the Friday to be at or above 38ºC, the Sports Coordinator will be notified directly and make an announcement to Students over the College’s PA system.

For MID-WEEK SPORT, if the temperature for the programmed day is forecast at 38ºC on the Bureau of Meteorology’s website at 3pm the day before, all sport is to be cancelled.

In addition, St. Dominic’s Priory College will either modify or cancel any team training sessions that coincide with these conditions.  In the event of an after school training being cancelled, supervision will be available until the scheduled conclusion time.

The full SACSSGSA Weather Policy can be accessed directly at:

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