Year 12 Centre is Taking Shape!

The roof form and the steel work announce the arrival of a place in which all our students will experience an excellent learning environment.  Also in the vein of building frameworks…

  • Year 10s and Year 11s are dealing well with their half year exams this week.  While it can be a nervousness producing exercise, especially for Year 10s, exam week is certainly valuable practice for the years ahead in preparing students to work under time pressure.

  • St Dominic’s Priory College will be hosting the Combined Schools Careers Expo in 2020 and the parent survey on Careers Education, being sent home with Year 10-12 students this week, will greatly assist in both its planning and in the delivery of careers education in the future.  A paper copy will be sent home in both English and Vietnamese, or you can take a moment now and complete the survey online here.  

  • The annual Parents & Friends Chocolate Drive is one of the College’s most successful fundraisers.  Chocolates will be distributed in Week 10 and we ask families to refer to the back page of the Bulletin for important information about their family’s participation.

Get the Week 8 Bulletin online here.


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