The Sky’s the Limit…

Week 8’s Bulletin is online now.

There’s a host of activities taking place at the College this week; from tonight’s Dominican Cup against Blackfriars (first debate at 6pm), to tomorrow’s High School Music-All (tickets at the door) and Saturday’s Indian Pilgrimage Fashion Show

In the meantime, today’s Bulletin reports on:

  •    Year 9 Camp

  •    Year 10 Retreat

  •    International Science Competition results

  •    The Year 5/6/7 Catholic School’s Touch Football Competition

  •    Year 3 visit Helping Hand and the Children’s University Cooking Club


Fete Appeals

This week’s Fete Appeal is for the Sweets Stall and Produce Stall.  Also:

  • The 2016 Fete Parent Roster still has many shifts to fill.  Sign up online now here.

  • Donations of Lemons and Chillies so the Produce Stall can make yummy treats

  • Items for AUCTION i.e Beauty products or services, Camping items, Hotel or B&B stay, Gardening items, Building services, Restaurant vouchers, Wines, Sporting goods or event tickets, Car products or services, small pieces of Furniture.

  • Items for the Classic Treasures Stall

  • handmade crafts, knitwear, cards, wooden toys etc for the Craft Stall (new in 2016)

  • additional books, CDs, DVDs & Magazines for the Book Stall

Please contact the school directly (8267 3818) if you would like to find out more.


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