Destination Moon: More Missions, More Science

This week, National Science Week, is an annual celebration of Science in Australia.  With 2019 marking 50 years since the Moon Landing, this year’s theme explores:

  • The scientists, engineers, chemists, designers, mathematicians, flight directors, software experts, aerospace technicians who made the NASA Apollo 11 Mission a success;

  • The space technologies and designs that have made more missions into space possible;

  • Future ambitions of the space industry being prototyped today, with plans to return to the Moon and other destinations in our solar system.

In today’s Bulletin, we showcase the Year 4’s adventures in space, via Virtual Reality (VR) googles.  

If you would like to take part in any Science Week events visit and check out what’s happening around the state.

Also in the Week 4 Bulletin

  • The Library prepares for Book Week, with a timely nod to the Moon Landing with its creative display

  • Check out the poster for the Year 12 Drama Production of ‘Bumpy Angels’ – debuting next Thursday, for two nights only. Tickets at the door.

  • Information about the upcoming Parent-Teacher Interviews has been sent home to Year 6-12 families, but the key points are covered inside today’s Bulletin.  Please ensure you have finalised your bookings by 3pm Friday 23 August.

  • The 2018 Commonwealth Compliance Report is now available online.

  • SACPSSA State Cross Country results are in.  Well done to all of our Year 3-7 runners!

  • We report on the 2019 Dominican Cup

  • Year 9-12 Maths students participated in the MASA Quiz Night at Blackfriars Priory School

  • Year 8 French hosted a ‘Travel Expo’ for the Year 5 Class.

  • The Old Scholars’ Afternoon High Tea is on Sunday 25 August.  Celebrate the unveiling of the new water feature, located in the garden of the new Sr Jillian Havey Centre for senior students.  More details inside the Bulletin

  • The Week 4 Fete Appeal is for the Lucky Dip Stall.  Sign up to the Parent Roster today, here.

Get the Week 4 Term 3 Bulletin online here

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