Term Ends Friday 13 April

As the eleven week term one draws to a close, there is a sense that holidays are looming while work is being finalised. 

End of term reports are a major formal communication between family and school.  The reports cover the academic results, either as both comments and marks for senior students and comments on progress for junior and middle school students.  Teachers often remark in the comments on progress that it would help a student to, “ask more questions.”  Of course not every student feels able to “confidently involve herself in class discussions.”  This can be related to shyness or to the process of formulating a question. 

Parents can play a powerful part in encouraging children and youth to overcome the barriers and help their children to hear the “sound of their own voice,” a very different proposition in a classroom setting from the informal exchanges at home.  Of course this is a two-way thing, with teachers making time and giving encouragement also.
In addressing the data available in the reports, one notes again and again that high attendance and punctuality rates, which are normally good at St. Dominic’s, can make all the difference in a child’s progress where they are cause for concern.

Please note that reports for all students are being sent home to parents today.


  • Parent Teacher Interviews: Inside report envelopes today is essential information for parents of students in Years 7-12 and for Year 6 in relation to elective subjects.  Everything needed in order to book parent-teacher interviews is explained.  Once again the link is given to enable your easy access to the booking procedure:

booking code: dwc97

  • Term will end with NORMAL DISMISSAL on Friday 13 April

  • Term 2 will commence on TUESDAY 1 MAY

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