Fete 2017

Today’s Bulletin features a colourful Fete flyer.  Please do share it amongst your network of family and friends!

This week, red monogrammed letters from Parent convenors went out as a final request to families to gvie what you can in food and donation to the stalls.

Please check with your daughter/s that you have sent back replies from

  • Art Union Raffle
  • Asian Foods Stall
  • Italian Foods Stall
  • Morning / Afternoon Tea Stall
  • Sweets Stall

Final Appeals

This week’s appeal is $2 donation for the BBQ.  Next week’s final appeal is for baked items for the Old Scholars’ Cake Stall and Desserts Stall.

Parent Rosters

Many Stalls are still in need of extra help, particularly in the afternoon.  If you haven’t already done so, please jump online here to see where you can help!


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