The College Hall has been a hub of activity this week…

From Fashion Shows, to Music-Alls, to the upcoming Year 11 Informal… the Hall has been the place to be in Week 9. 

Also this week:

  •        A report on last week’s Dominican Cup Debate against Blackfriars.

  •        Year 4 visit the Maritime Museum

  •        Year 2 visit a Hindu Temple

Fete Appeals

This week’s Fete Appeal is for the Chocolate Wheel.  Also:

  •     More shifts have been added to the 2016 Fete Parent Roster.  Sign up online now here.

  •     There’s a sneak peek of some 2016 Auction Items.  Thank you to those parents and business that have so generously donated these prizes.

  •     We are calling for donations of clean, reusable PLASTIC BAGS for use at several at our stalls, and encourage patrons to bring their own Green Bags on Fete Day.


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