How would you describe the FETE?

There was the aroma of delicious food wherever you went; wonderful bands, vocal and dance entertainment to lift your spirits; books to boost your home shelves; rare and wonderful classic treasures; high quality craft items; crazy rides; lucky dips to delight; spins at the well-stocked chocolate wheel; salon hair and nails, fabulous items at the auction; and, at the Rose Café, time to sip tea with the sounds of jazz in the background.  Best of all was the friendly vibe around the Fete as people chatted with friends, relatives and past parents and students.  To top it all we certainly give thanks to God for perfect weather!

See all the photos from Fete in the Week 3, Term 4 Bulletin online now.

In other news:

  • Growth Mindset Day in the Primary School
  • Year 10 Commerce run their own business(es)
  • Year 11 Drama Production details – one week to go until ‘Fading Flowers’
  • Our talented SDPC Poets attend the AETA Spring Poetry Festival Anthology Launch, and other news from the Creative Writing Club

Week 3 Term 4 Bulletin online now.

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