ISSUE 13, Week 6 Term 3 of the St Dominic’s Priory College Newsletter is available now here.


  • As a College community we have watched, avidly, as piece by piece the Adams Mayo building has given way to the space needed for the exciting new Adams Mayo Middle School wing.
  • Behold the talent of our dedicated Year 12 Drama Class, with their thought-provoking production of ‘Cagebirds’.
  • We countdown to the Catholic Schools Music Festival, and congratulate all students involved. Tickets are on sale now via Ticketek.
  • The 2021 Fete & Auction Parent Roster is launched, and we invite prospective volunteers to familiarise themselves with the 2021 Child Protection and Child Safeguarding documentation here.
  • Science Week was a resounding success, with a dynamic schedule of lunchtime presentations and workshops to engage students of all ages in SCIENCE. We also congratulate two of our 2020 Aurora Photo Competition award winners, whose scientific photographs have been published in Cosmos Magazine.
  • The rescheduled Prefect’s Gathering took place, with our College Prefects hosting their counterparts from Blackfriars in an evening of workshops, prayer and sharing a meal.
  • We mark the Feast of St Rose of Lima and thank guest speaker Sr Bernadette Kiley on her presentation to the Year 11 Religion Studies classes; ‘Gospel Stories of Women‘.
  • In Pastoral Care across Years 7 – 11, there is particular focus on 2022 subject selection. Year 10 and 11 students have received their subject recommendations, and all students have been invited to reflect on their strengths as learners and encouraged to choose subjects that genuinely interest and challenge them. For information about all subjects on offer in the coming academic year, please see the 2022 Curriculum Guide.
  • Fathers’ Day is fast approaching and in this week’s Newsletter, the Year 3 Class reflect on what they think of when they are with their fathers. For those looking for a family friendly Fathers’ Day gift idea, why not consider the gift of an Entertainment Membership; 20% of all digital subscriptions raise funds for St Dominic’s!
  • Stage 1 Essential English students have spent time with the Year 5 class, comparing the lives of today’s 11 year olds with how they were at that same age.
  • The Year 7 Class have commenced a series of workshops, delivered through the YeS Project; a digital and social health program developed by the e-Safety Commissioner that encourages young people to act as positive leaders and supportive friends in social spaces.
  • It is the end of the Winter Saturday Sport season, and we congratulate all teams on their results; particularly our Badminton and Netball players who won Premierships in their respective divisions.


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