Week 8 Bulletin

Our world is impacted by COVID-19, and as we respond we must surely show respect for each other; for the work of our leaders, our medical professionals, and all those in work that provides service.  Respect in the supermarket, on the bus, at work and wherever we move.  Let us think about how we can look after ourselves, and each other.  In the Bulletin this week:

  • The Year 3 Class hosted the first ever ‘virtual’ Assembly

  • The Reception Class investigated their names, asking their parents how their names were chosen, and where it came from

  • Year 3, 4 and 5 reflect on their Swimming Lessons

  • Primary classes were a sea of colour and noise in their music workshops with Jon Madin

  • Year 7 tour the College Chapel with a very special guide: Sr Jill!

  • Year 10 Geography went on a coastal walk between Henley Beach and Glenelg, to study the environmental impact of coastal development

  • We see pictures from the 2020 Student Leaders Gathering: Leaders for the World God Desires, held earlier this month 

  • Uniform Shop opening hours for the April School holidays are announced.  Winter Uniform is worn in Term 2


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